Easy Diy Chalkboard Lettering Sign

Learn how to make a chalkboard lettering sign with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Grab the “It’s fun to create” FREE hand lettering printable.

Super Simple and Easy Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial

This is my first time doing a chalkboard lettering sign. I’m taking you on this chalk adventure with me. Making a chalkboard sign has been on my to-do list for a while now. But for some reason, it seemed very tedious for me to do.

First, let’s get to the tutorial, and let me show you how to make this “It’s Fun to Create” Chalkboard Lettering Sign!

It's Fun To Create_Chalkboard Lettering Sign by Vial Designs

I’m excited to share with you this Easy DIY Chalkboard Sign Tutorial!

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Free hand lettering printable- it's fun to create
Free Lettering Design printable

Get my Hand-lettering design to create this exact chalkboard sign!



Decide on the design you’d like to make. Pinterest and Instagram are good sources to look for inspiration and quotes to write. But make sure you don’t waste too much time here. I was getting a bit stuck on this one for a while.

To help you with this, I turned my design into a printable for you. I have it in my resource library, and you can access it by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.

Step 1 of the Chalkboard Lettering Sign Tutorial

I always like to sketch everything beforehand. This design is one I started last year but never finished.

Lettering tip: keep a sketchbook handy to sketch running lettering ideas. 

Also, it’s okay to stop working on your designs and return to them later. I’ve had instances where I spent too much time trying to get a perfect piece, only to mess it up at the end. Or even to not like the final piece. It’s good to come back to your sketches at a later time with a new perspective.

I started the sketch for this design in May of last year. I’m glad I had it in my sketchbook because it saved me some time trying to create a new piece.


Transfer your design onto your chalkboard. For this, you can use this transfer paper. Simply put the transfer paper between the design and your chalkboard. Put a piece of tape onto your design to ensure it stays in place. Then, use a pen or pencil to review the design, ensuring the transfer paper is working correctly.

Step 2 of the Chalkboard Lettering Sign Tutorial

You can also freehand your design onto the chalkboard. I used a regular pencil to sketch my design onto the chalkboard and used a regular eraser when I had to make corrections.

I only sketched the lettering part of the design to ensure it was centered. Then the florals and other embellishments, I added them at the end with the chalk markers.


Start inking your design. Here comes the fun part!

Step 3 of the Chalkboard Lettering Sign Tutorial

Before you can start using the chalk markers, you need to activate them. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, shake well the chalk marker. 
  2. Pump it. Press the tip for a while, then release. Repeat this several times until the tip starts filling in with ink. These pens took a little time to get the ink flowing to the tip.


One of the things I love about chalkboard lettering is how easy you can clean the chalk marker when you make a mistake. Get a wet wipe and clean the area you want to erase, then use a paper towel to dry it. I was happy to see how well these chalk markers erase. I’ve seen some other chalk markers leave marks on the chalkboard.

other side angle picture of the chalkboard lettering sign it's fun to create

Optional lettering technique:

I used blending on the words “FUN” and “create.” For this technique, I recommend using a lighter color chalk marker at the top, then while the ink is wet, color in the middle part with a darker shade chalk marker.

Clean the chalk marker with a scrap piece of paper. Finish inking the bottom part of the letter using the darker shade chalk marker. This will create a blending lettering technique!

Side angle picture of the chalkboard lettering sign it's fun to create

THAT’S IT! You created your chalkboard lettering sign!

I’m SO happy with the result and how easy it was to make this DIY chalkboard lettering sign. The best part is that you can erase the design and re-use the chalkboard.

it's fun to create chalkboard lettering sign


Rustic Chalkboard Sign:

  • It’s a 15″x 12″ chalkboard sign, which is a great size for a chalkboard. I can use it to display welcome, food, games, and other related party signs. This is an excellent option because you can reuse this sign many times!
  • It works perfectly with chalk markers and regular chalk. 
  • Vintage feel with easel. I like the easel part because it’s ready to be easily displayed. I’m not a huge fan of vintage items, but I don’t mind the vintage look of this chalkboard.
  • Easy-glide writing surface. I love the surface. It’s non-porous, and the markers write like butter!
  • It’s Magnetic! Such a fun alternate option to the chalkboard. It holds magnets great! I was pleasantly surprised by this option.

Liquid Chalk Markers – Pack of 30

  • Even though these are chalk markers, they work on other surfaces other than chalkboards, like windows, glass, ceramics, and mostly all non-porous surfaces.
  • These markers come in super fun colors.
  • Based on their website description, these markers are also kid-safe because they are Xylene & Odor Free
  • They are easy to clean. You need a wet wipe to clean them. Then, use a paper towel to restore the surface to normal.
  • It took a while for the ink to flow into the tip. This is the one thing I didn’t enjoy much. But this is only when the markers are new. After that, activating them is almost instantaneous. I haven’t tried other chalk markers, so it’d be hard to say how they compare to other chalk markers. The tip of two out of the 30 markers was not as smooth as the others after I activated them.

I hope you like this easy chalkboard lettModern Calligraphy And Hand Lettering For Beginnersering sign tutorial as much as I had fun doing it

Easy DIY Chalkboard Lettering Sign by Vial Designs

Want to learn more about calligraphy and handlettering? Make sure you check this blog post with everything you need to know. Or head to my shop and grab my Modern Calligraphy Workbook for beginners.

Free hand lettering printable- it's fun to create
Free Lettering Design printable

Get my Hand-lettering design to create this exact chalkboard sign!


Simple chalkboard art tutorial
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