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Plan With Me June 2019 | Bullet Journal Set Up

Plan with me June 2019! I’m sharing my bullet journal set up for this month.

Plan with me Bullet Journal June 2019 Set up ideas and Inspiration_Vial Designs


Ever since I started bullet journaling on February this year, I fell as if my desire for planning and staying creative have met their match. I still enjoy the good old pen and paper to do my planning. But until I wasn’t thrilled with the planners out there.

The thing is that I tried bullet journal before and couldn’t keep up. This time I took a different approach to make it more functional for me, and it has been a game changer when it comes to planning my weeks and months.

Let’s dive into how I set up my bullet journal this month. If you want more inspiration, here are my bullet journal setups for the previous months:


MY BULLET JOURNAL SET UP FOR JUNE 2019Cover Page for my Plan with Me June 2019 | Floral doodles drawing

My set up for this month is similar to my May Bullet Journal Set up, but I decided to add a couple of spreads.

These are the pages I included on my bullet journal set up this month:

  • The Cover page
  • Monthly Calendar Page
  • Monthly Goals Page
  • Habit Tracker
  • Master To Do Page
  • Memory Hive spread
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Currently Loving

Now on to how I’ll be using these pages and spreads this month on my bullet journal:


Floral drawing is my thing for this year. I decided to do a different decorative design for each cover page of the month. This way, I don’t have to overthink about having a specific theme each month.

June Cover page for my Bullet Journal Set up with a Diamond and florals drawings around it | Vial Designs


The next page on my bullet journal June set up is for the calendar page. On this page, I write down and highlight the important dates (birthdays, appointments, etc.).


I divide my goals page as follow:

  • Top Goal. My most important goal to accomplish this month. This will be “ONE thing” that I need to focus on for the month. After this goal is achieved, then I can move on to work on the other goals. My one thing can be about my family, marriage, my fitness, blog, or anything I need to pay extra attention this month.
  • Big Three. Three big goals I’d like to accomplish this month. These goals are usually aligned with my top goal.
  • Personal Growth. It can be anything from reading a book to reconnect with a relative or friend.
  • Finance Goal. It’s for anything related to our finances. This one is set up mostly for our family’s savings goals for the month.
  • Home. It’s for any goals related to the home improvements.

Plan with me June 2019 Bullet Journal Set up showing my Calendar and goal pages with blue floral doodles


Next, I decided to do a Habit Tracker. Same as last month, I want to improve on installing and keeping up with my habits. These habits are based on the Miracle Morning book from Hal Elrod. 

This book changed my life in a way I can’t even explain. It’s so simple to read, and I love the fact that it provides actional steps. I’m now a stay at home mom after working for as long as I can remember. This was a huge change for me, and while I’m SO happy for making this decision, it hasn’t been the easiest to adjust.

Caring for a tiny person while trying to maintain your sanity is not an easy task. Thanks to this book, I was able to create a routine that helped me improve my self-care. I didn’t know how important it was and how much I was needing to be serious about taking care of myself before I was able to care for others. For this and many other reasons, this book changed my outlook in life, and I truly recommend everyone to read it.

Habit Tracker and Master To Do pages on my Bullet Journal set up for June 2019 | Vial Designs


My Master to do page serves as a brain dump of all the things I’d like to do during the month as well as all the ideas that come to my head.


I got this idea from @decadethirty on Instagram. On this spread, I will be writing a daily memory from my toddler. Having a toddler is quite an adventure! Every day mine comes up with new things, and as much as I wish my brain could hold all the cute, funny, and sometimes annoying things she does, my memory is rather terrible. So I thought this was a great way to capture her adventures and wondrous things she comes up with daily.

Memory Hive Pages of my June Bullet Journal Set up by Vial Designs


I’m using the same type of weekly spread I did for last month.  Based on my previous weekly spreads, I realized that I don’t need to write all the things down, but only the important ones. That’s why I’m keeping simple one-page spread for the whole week.

At the beginning of my weekly spread, I always like to add a space for my Focus of the week, which is the on one big thing to accomplish in the week. Then each day, I will pick one thing that I need to do so that I can achieve my one big idea of the week, then my one thing for the month and so on. It’s like a domino effect you create to accomplish big goals. Also, I dedicated a small space for the things I’d like to do get done through the week, but don’t have to happen on specific dates.

Weekly Spreads on my Bullet Journal Set up for June 2019 | Vial Designs

The key is to dream big, but start acting small.

I began implementing this after I read the book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. I have to say; I’m super excited about the results I’m already seeing.

I’m want to be more intentional about cooking and not eating out as much, so I included a space for meal planning.


I didn’t realize how much our likes and dislikes change from time to time. I saw a page similar to this one on the Happy Planner and really loved the idea of recording what I’m currently into on different random areas of my life. Hence why I decided to include this spread into my bullet journal set up this month.

It also serves as a place where I can have all the birthdays and important dates recorded.

Currently Loving in June_Bullet Journal Set up Plane with me by Vial Designs

Final Thoughts…

I hope you find some inspiration from my “Plan with me June 2019” pages. I’m enjoying this bullet journal system because it allows me to add as much or as little planning pages to accommodate my needs. You can do the same, and that’s the great thing about this system. Another thing I love about this system is that I can apply my lettering skills while improving on my floral drawing, and I’m staying productive.  This is a win-win for me.

Want to get started with calligraphy or practice a little more to improve your skills? Check these blog posts (they all include FREE calligraphy worksheets) You can also get access to the calligraphy worksheets from my Resource Library by filling out the form below.


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Plan with Me Bullet Journal Setup June 2019 Vial Designs


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  1. Hi there I just found your page. I really like your cover page. I just started using a B6 grid journal and I like what you’re doing in yours. I’ll probably use some of your planner page ideas By the way what size journal are you using?

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