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5 Creative Ways To Letter March

Learn how to create five different lettering styles. These March lettering ideas, inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, are perfect for your bullet journal or planner and will add flair and inspiration to your journal and planning routine.

Watch the step-by-step “5 Creative Ways to Letter March” video tutorial.

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See exactly how to create these fun “March” Lettering header ideas for your bullet journal in my tutorial video (or keep scrolling if you prefer a photo step-by-step photo tutorial):

March Lettering Ideas for Bullet Journal

March hand lettering cover page ideas

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The Best Bullet Journal Tools

5 Ways to Letter the months of the year

IIt’stime for the lucky month of lettering to begin.

As March approaches, spring is in the air, along with the luck of the Irish and the joy of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. What better way to welcome this vibrant month than by infusing our calligraphy and hand-lettering with the season’s spirit?

LLet’sreview the bullet journal header ideas you can use on your cover pages or any other bujo spread.

1. Ribbon Style Calligraphy

cute ribbon style lettering with coquette aesthetic vibes

To create a ribbon-style calligraphy, start by using a base color. I’m using the Tombow Dual Brush Pen #173. Then, write March using your best modern calligraphy style.

If you want to learn modern calligraphy step-by-step, check out my workbook for beginners here.

Other options of pens to do modern calligraphy are the Crayola markers or super tips.

Next, darken the upstrokes using a darker color than your base. II’llbe using the Tombow Dual Brush #195. With an even darker color or with the same dark color, go over the ends of the upstrokes to create more depth where the upstrokes start and end.

This is optional, but using the base color, go over the start and end of the downstrokes. This will give your calligraphy more depth.

Add more pop and details by adding a line outline to the downstrokes with a gold or white gel pen. I used the gold pen from the Linc pens pack.

2. Block Lettering Cut Out with Extended Calligraphy

Start by putting a piece of washi tape across the page where you want your march header to be.

PRO TIP: to lose the stickiness of the washi tape, dab it on your hand or clothes. This will prevent the washi tape from ripping your paper once it’s time to remove it from the page.

Letter March uses block-style lettering and a brush pen. I’m using the Tombow Dual Brush #133 for this March block lettering idea.

Once you’ve redone the block lettering, carefully remove the washi tape.

Now, letter march using an extended calligraphy style.

To make this style more aesthetic and pleasing, write the script letter into the corresponding block letter, as shown in the picture below.

To create extended calligraphy, make the connecting strokes longer. I used the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen.

how to do a cut off block lettering and calligraphy style

3. Shamrock Doodle and Bounce Lettering.

For this lettering style, doodle a shamrock, then write March using bounce lettering.

Want to learn how to do bounce lettering? Check this video tutorial.

4. March in Bubble Lettering.

how to write march in bubble letters

If this is your first time doing bubble letters, you can learn how to make bubble lettering in this blog post.

Free bubble lettering worksheet picture

Get my free bubble lettering worksheet for you to practice!

march bubble lettering font

Use another marker outline around the letter once you write March in bubble letters. I used the green Pilot Color Fudemakase Brush Pen.

You can finish this March header with cute highlights on each letter.

5. Colorful Background with Block lettering and Greenery Doodle

different font style ideas for bullet journal

For this March title idea, I did a background using the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

These are the colors II’musing:

  • Tombow Chartreuse #133
  • Tombow Pale Yellow #062
  • Tombow Alice Blue #291

Once satisfied with the background, write March in block lettering using a small tip brush pen.

You can leave the title like that or add more details, like adding a border to the background and a greenery doodle at the end.

block lettering style with brush pens

You can use any font lettering style I shared in this blog post for any month or hand lettering project!

Check this blog post and video tutorial if you want simpler ideas on how to write March in calligraphy.

I hope you found these March lettering ideas helpful in setting up your bullet journal for March!

March lettering ideas for bullet journal

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