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Karin Pigment Decobrush Pen Review

Karin DecoBrush Pen Review – I’m so excited to share this review with you today and see all the things we can do with these paint brush pens!

Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to watch the video below to see the full Karin DecoBrush Pen Video Review :

QUICK DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT paid or sponsored, but Karin did gift me these pens to try and share a review with you! All opinions are my own and I’m always honest about the tools I share on my blog and channel!

This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy here.

Karin Decobrush pen review


I legit was like a kid getting a new toy when I was opening these Karin Pigment DecoBrush Pens.

Honestly, I love collaborating with Karin Markers, because they’re always so kind and have outstanding customer service. Not to mention the quality of their brush pens is top-notch

From the Karin website: “The method of using PIGMENT DecoBrush markers is similar to acrylic paints, but trapped in an easy to use marker with a flexible, brush-shaped nylon tip. Their opaque paint can be used on paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, textile, and a lot of other materials. The opaque, matte paint allows its application also on dark surfaces with techniques still unavailable to other markers”

This is so true when it comes to dark surfaces, not even the Karin Brush Marker pro show as well as these Pigment DecorBrush Pens do!

unboxing the karin pigment decobrush pens


The first thing that you can appreciate is how gorgeous the packaging is! The box is really heavy!

I’m unboxing the Pigment DecoBrush Master Set. The set has seven different collections:

  • Basic Colors
  • Passion Colors
  • Violet Colors
  • Nature Colors
  • Nude Colors
  • Grey Colors
  • Pastel Colors

Each collection has 12 different colors, which makes a total of 84 DecoBrush Markers. This is a wide variety of colors and I love that!

Maira Vial holding the passion colors from the Karin Pigment DecoBrush Pens Collection

As we keep opening the box, the first thing I noticed was a little pamphlet that explains everything about these markers: how to store them, which they provide these amazing boxes to keep them. How to keep the colors uniform, how to remove the paint, and also how to make these markers permanent, because they are UV and light-resistant.

Once they’re dry, they’re permanent, but they’re not scrub resistant. So you may want to put something over it to make them scrub resistant.

The first one that I opened was the basic colors collection box. The first thing that I noticed in the individual packages is that it has a magnetic tab, which makes this very durable.

The side of the collection box tells you how you should store your pens.

When you open it, there is a sticker sheet for you to swatch the colors. Another awesome thing that I’m seeing is that you can customize your kit.

For example, let’s say you want a specific set of colors you want, you can swatch them in here. And then there are stickers that you can put and create whatever kit you want.

For now, I’m just going to swatch the colors that come in this basic collection. If you would like to see me swatch any of the colors from the other collections, leave me a comment and let me know which one you would like to see next.

And please tell me, I’m not the only one who does this, but when the markers came in the box, some of them were sideways. So I just want to make sure that all of them are facing the same way and they’re neatly organized.


Now let’s test these bad boys on paper and as always make sure you always check them. Even though you shake them the first time you’re going to start writing with them, just give them a little shake to activate the paint.


I’m using the Archer and Olive pad. It has green, kraft paper. I have these black Mixed-Media paper, and then this is watercolor paper.

For this test, I used the red color from the primary collection.

Oh my goodness. I just love how pigmented it is!

Now, when I compared these DecoBrush pens with the regular brush pens, you cannot see the true color against these types of paper!

I have to say that I’m really impressed with how opaque and how amazing this color looks against these different types of paper.

These pens look great on every type of paper that I tried, regardless of the color!



I’m using a small canvas from Dollar Tree. But you can also find them at Amazon or Michales and different color pens from different sets. And I gonna be painting, abstract drawing, and botanical on this canvas.

As always make sure you shake them a lot before you’re going to use them. That’s one thing that you’re always going to have to do with paint markers.

The first coat I did was a little bit streaky, but that’s completely normal. This would have been the same with acrylic paints.

I got to say out of all the colors, this green one is my favorite. And I only gave one coat to this one just because I liked the streaky look on the leaves.

I gave three coats to each of the sections with the markers, and I really love how these turned out.

I love how these markers work on canvas, and now let’s try it on glass.



First impression: Amazing.

I can’t believe how juicy these markers are. And as you can see here, I have a white background and a black cardstock underneath the glass where you can appreciate how different it looks.

There are some occasions where the ink doesn’t flow completely, which is normal for paint pens. All you have to do is shake them and then go over them again.

Comparing these DecoBrush pens again with the same magenta Brush Marker Pro, it doesn’t even hold the ink on the glass because of its watercolor ink.

When testing the white DecoBrush pen on the glass, it painted SO good. I’ve never seen a white paint pen work so well on glass on the first try.

The upstrokes are a little bit lighter and that’s normal as well because we’re not applying as much pressure on the pen.

The black DecoBrush pen was a hit as well. I’m so impressed at how opaque these markers are!



I grab a small heart shaped piece of wood and I used a pink marker from the DecoBrush basics collection.

These marker worked really well on wood and I’m impressed.

With just one coat, the painting looks great and opaque. I’d like to try different types of wood and make more wood projects to try my calligraphy using these pens.



I’m now testing these pens on a metal base of a candle and decided to use a Turquoise Deco Brush marker. I love how juicy it is when I letter on this metal

Doing calligraphy on a circular surface like this is a little bit tough, but I really like how these pens look. The paint is permanent once it’s dry. The only way to remove it is to scratch it.

Same goes for glass. Once it is dry, you can not remove it by just touching it.

Ways to remove it will be by scratching it, or with baby wipes or even with Windex.



So far, my favorite surfaces to use these Karin DecoBrush Pens have to be the glass and the paper.

I just love how opaque these pens are and how amazing these work! Having acrylic paint on brush pens will be a life saver when doing calligraphy on surfaces other than paper when other brush pens won’t work.

I’m definitely recommending these markers because of their high quality and the multiple surfaces you can use them on.

I have to say would not recommend them for everyday calligraphy practice, but rather for final pieces you want to create. These pens on the expensive side, so everyday practice will be costly. Unless you don’t mind using them and getting new ones, these pens are great for calligraphy becuase of their brush tip.

I’d definitely add them to your Birthday wish or Christmas list.

I hope you guys liked this Karin DecoBrus Pen Review! I enjoyed making these video and trying these pens.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments!

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  1. I have one that has never worked right since I got it. The ink is thick and goopy as it comes out. I noticed the tip was out further than the others and pushed it back in with my fingers, but that didn’t help. Is there something I can try to get it to work? Take the tip out and clean with alcohol or add something to the ink?

    1. Hi there, one thing you can try is cleaning the tip with a wet wipe, then dip the pen in clean water. This should help get the ink flowing. Hope this helps!

      1. Bonjour, j’ai offert à ma fille 3boites. Elle est ravie mais il n y a ni blanc ni noir. . Je n’arrive pas à en trouver à l’unité. Savez vous où je pourrais commander ? Merci

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