Merry Christmas Calligraphy Tutorial + Free Practice Sheet

Learn how to letter Merry Christmas with this calligraphy tutorial plus a FREE calligraphy practice sheet.

Merry Christmas Calligraphy and Free practice worksheet

Hard to believe that this year is ending and Christmas is almost here. This means it’s time to start working on Christmas decor and cards.

See exactly how to write “Merry Christmas” in Calligraphy in my tutorial video (or keep scrolling if you prefer a printable step-by-step photo tutorial):

How to write “Merry Christmas” in Modern Calligraphy:

You can find more video tutorials on our YouTube channel

To help you get into the Christmas spirit and add a handmade touch, I created this Merry Christmas  Calligraphy tutorial along with a FREE Modern Calligraphy worksheet.

Free Merry Christmas Calligraphy Worksheet
Free Download

Get my free Merry Christmas Calligraphy Worksheet for beginners

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Remember: the only way you’ll become better at calligraphy is by practicing. And I want to help you, by providing these practice sheets.


In this “Merry Christmas” Calligraphy Tutorial, I will show you three ways to write Merry Christmas.

1. Merry Christmas in Faux Calligraphy

The first part of the tutorial is doing Faux Calligraphy. I always recommend learning faux calligraphy before you move on to calligraphy with brush pens or pointed fine pens. 

These Tombow TwinTone Markers are super fun to practice Faux Calligraphy. But you can use whichever pen you’d like for this first part of the calligraphy practice sheet.

If you’d like to know more about Faux Calligraphy and why you should learn it first, then check this blog post. This other blog post gives you a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to do Faux Calligraphy, which also has a free worksheet to help you get the basics of Faux Calligraphy down.

Faux Calligraphy | Merry Christmas Free Calligraphy Practice Sheet by Vial Designs | Free Faux Calligraphy Practice Sheet | Free Calligraphy Practice Worksheet

First, you’re going to trace the “Merry Christmas” using the pen of your choosing. Pay attention to how you move your pen, keeping in mind that when you move your pen down, you will need to add outlines to thicken the downstrokes.

Second, you’ll continue to trace the “Merry Christmas” and add the outlines to the downstrokes.

Third, complete the same steps above, and this time, fill in the outlines. That’s it! This part of the tutorial is done! You’ve created calligraphy using any pen.

2. Merry Christmas in Calligraphy with Small Brush Pens

The second way of doing “Merry Christmas” in calligraphy is by using a small tip brush pen.

The small brush pen I recommend using with this part of the worksheet is a Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip.

Faux Calligraphy | Merry Christmas Free Calligraphy Practice Sheet by Vial Designs | Free Faux Calligraphy Practice Sheet | Free Calligraphy Practice Worksheet

I recommend these small tip brush pens to start learning calligraphy. If you want to learn more about them, I wrote this blog post where I share the best brush pens for beginners.

Pay attention to the “Merry Christmas” sample at the top of the sheet. I broke each letter down and numbered the strokes you need to make to form the letters. Keep in mind that every time your brush pen goes down you press hard and when your pen goes up you lighten the pressure of your pen.

Using your small tip brush pen, trace over the “Merry Christmas.” You’ll do the same for every “Merry Christmas” on this page.

Print as many pages as needed for extra practice. Or print once and use tracing paper over it.

3. Merry Christmas in Calligraphy with Large Brush Pens

The last part of this calligraphy tutorial is writing Merry Christmas using a large tip brush pen.

For this part of the worksheet, I recommend Tombow Dual Brush Pen. But you can use any large brush pen of your preference.

Same as with the small brush pens, this part of the worksheet has a sample “Merry Christmas” at the top of the page with guides on how the letters are formed. You can use this for reference when you are tracing over the “Merry Christmas”.

Merry Christmas Free Calligraphy Practice Sheet by Vial Designs | Free Faux Calligraphy Practice Sheet | Free Calligraphy Practice Worksheet

Those are the three different ways you write “Merry Christmas” in calligraphy, using a regular pen, a small brush pen, or a large brush pen. You can get access to these practice sheets for FREE by filling out the form at the end of this blog post. 

By giving you three ways to practice with this worksheet, there is no excuse not to do it.

You can practice using all three methods, or just with the pen, you have available at the moment. 

How to use this FREE Calligraphy Practice Worksheet?

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this post to get the Free Calligraphy Worksheet.
  • The worksheet will be sent to your email and you’ll be able to download it instantly. You can print it at home or at a local printer store or library. I use this inexpensive laser printer to print mine. (This printer is black and white. But that’s all you need at the moment to print the practice sheets).
  • To use any of your brush pens, make sure you print the worksheets using quality paper. The paper I recommend is HP Premium 32 Paper.
  • You can use any printer paper if you are using a regular pen. 
  • Set your printer scaling to “Fit Page.”


these worksheets and all the files contained in my resource library are for PERSONAL use ONLY. They are original works designed, owned, and copyrighted by Vial Designs. You can’t alter, sell, or redistribute them. Re-distributing PDFs/JPGs violates digital copyright laws. If you love these creations and want to share them, send your friends to my free resource library so they can have access too!

Where to use what you’ve learned with this Merry Christmas Calligraphy Tutorial?

The possibilities are endless!

You can do handmade cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, or any other type of Christmas Decor.

Here’s an example of a Christmas Calligraphy card you can make:


I hope you have fun practicing and learning calligraphy using these practice sheets. And most importantly, have a great Christmas and an even better holiday season.

If you’d like to keep practicing your calligraphy with other Holiday quotes, then my Holiday Lettering Printable guide will be perfect for you! It has 25 different quotes plus 3 Christmas Traceable designs.

Learn more about it here:


Have fun practicing your Holiday Lettering!

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Free Merry Christmas Calligraphy Worksheet
Free Download

Get my free Merry Christmas Calligraphy Worksheet for beginners


Free Merry Christmas Calligraphy Worksheet

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