Easy Fall Doodles Ideas

Today’s blog post is all about easy fall doodles. I’m going to show you how to draw over 20 easy fall doodles ideas anyone can draw! Plus get access to the FREE doodle printable I created for you!


Last month, I did easy Halloween doodle ideas where I showed you 20 cute Halloween-inspired doodles. This month we’re bringing the cute doodles back, but with an autumn vibe.

Also, at the end of this blog post, you can sign up to access the FREE fall doodle printable I created for you. You can this printable as a guide to doodle with me or simply print it and use it as a coloring page.

See exactly how to draw these 20+ Fall doodles in my YouTube video:


The Pigeon Letters Monoline Studio pens 01 & 03

Pencil and eraser to sketch

Optional: My Free Easy Fall Doodle Printables. You can use this printable as a reference to doodle with me or as a coloring page you can add to your bullet journal. Fill out the form at the end of this blog post to access the free printable or head over to the Freebie Library if you already have a password.


  • Fall Doodle #1: a fall scarf.

The first cute fall doodle that we’re gonna do is this scarf which we are doing in form of a banner to write November inside. I’m writing November in my blog lettering style.

Wanna learn different ways to write November in calligraphy? Check out this blog post, where I show you five ways to learn November. The blog post includes a FREE lettering practice worksheet.

Want to learn modern calligraphy? I have the perfect blog post to get you started. This blog post has everything you need to start learning modern calligraphy using brush pens the right way!

  • Fall Doodle #2: Fall Leaf

I love the simplicity of this leaf. First, draw the stem and then a pointy oval looking. Finish by adding shading inside like so.

These leaves are perfect to fill in some spaces so that’s why I’m doing that one here.

  • Fall Doodle #3: a cute pumpkin.

For this one, I’m just drawing the outline, and very slightly I’m doing some shading inside and this is so that I can draw the little face better. We’re also going to be drawing a leaf and the stem and the details inside for the eyes and the smile you can do it with the same pen.

  • Fall Doodle #4: An apple basket

This apple basket turned out so cute. I also had to do an apple on the outside!

  • Fall Doodle #5: cute coffee mug

I’m going with hot coffee for the inside I’m not so much of a tea person I rather do coffee or hot chocolate when it’s very cold.

What do you like the best tea or coffee? let me know in the comments.

  • Fall Doodle #6: cute beanie hat

Moving on to this super cute beanie hat.

  • Fall Doodle #7: adorable fox doodle

This super cute fox doodle is taking a nap! I’m so happy how this one turned out. Also, let me know which one of these doodles is your favorite. 

I have a couple of favorites but as of right now this fox is it.

  • Fall Doodle #8: cute acorn

Now let’s do another style of leaf. This one has this little um these are like triangles and the shading inside we’re just gonna do these groups of lines.

  • Fall Doodle #9: fall leaf style 2

This leaf has a little bit more texture for the outline of the leaf as I’m doing these little triangle-like shapes all around the leaf.

  • Fall Doodle #10: fall leaf style 3

This style of the leaf looks like a Wild Grape Vine.

  • Fall Doodle #11: football

I included it here is because here in the United States football season starts around the same time the fall season starts. So this football naturally belong to the fall doodle session.

  • Fall Doodle #12: fall leaf style 4

To me, this style of leaf looks like a Eucalyptus stem.

  • Fall Doodle #13: pumpkin pie

You can also argue this is an apple pie? Which one would you rather eat?

  • Fall Doodle #14: pumpkin spice latte

Or this doodle could be a beverage of your choice. I tried the pumpkin spice latte not too long ago and it was a little bit too sweet for me

  • Fall Doodle #15: cute and delicious donut

I guess donuts I mean donuts are good anytime but especially sweets are even better when it’s cold outside. I don’t know what you think?

  • Fall Doodle #16: cute fox doodle saying hi!👋🏼
  • Fall Doodle #17: maple leaf

To draw this maple leaf doodle, I find it easier to draw the stem first, and then two diagonal lines. To draw the leaf part, I start at the top and draw sort of like a triangle.

Then an inverted c shape, and then a “u” and connect them. I keep going around it and as you can see here. I switch real quick to the monline 01 pen to do the shading inside the maple leaf.

  • Fall Doodle #18: hot chocolate doodle

I’m this fall doodle a hot chocolate mug, because it has wipe cream on top and what more delicious than a hot chocolate with wipe cream?

  • Fall Doodle #19: cute owl doodle

This owl doodle is my second favorite to draw. It looks so good that it looks complicated, but when we take this doodle step by step, is actually quite simple to draw!

  • Fall Doodle #20: cute corn on the cob doodle

Bring all the corn mazes and corn there is for this fall season. Especially if all the corns are as adorable as this doodle!

  • Fall Doodle #21: cute turkey doodle

Here in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which was the first one for me when we got to this country because we don’t celebrate that in Colombia.

Now, I’m very curious to see where you’re watching/reading this blog from. comment below where you’re from and let me know if you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country.

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to show a little bit extra gratitude and even though I do believe that we should be grateful every day of our lives. Celebrating Thanksgiving just makes it a great excuse to gather with family and be thankful for all the blessings that we have

  • Fall Doodle #22: fall leaf style 5

Here you have our fall doodles complete!


The full doodling page for full-page for November without autumn-inspired doodles.


Finally, once I was done, I decided to add some color! What do you think?

Grab the Free Fall Doodling Page by filling the form below. Or grab it from the Freebie Library if you already have the password to get inside.


Final Thoughts,

Doodling is so good to decompress and relax. It also helps you to let your creativity come to light. I’m loving creating these doodling pages because it’s challenging me to doodle more and think about the different things during the month/season.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and video and it inspires you to start doodling. If you recreate these easy-to-draw fall/autumn doodles, be sure to tag me on Instagram @vialdesigns.

Next week we’re going to start making some Christmas cards and they’re super cute and as always easy to do and more holiday-inspired doodles are coming your way soon!

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