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Easy Diy Valentine’s Hand Lettered Card

Learn how to make this gorgeous and easy DIY Valentine’s Hand-Lettered Card with fun and easy-to-draw flower doodles. This is the perfect card to make and give this Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or to show love to your favorite person!

Easy DIY Valentine's Hand Lettered card tutorial

See exactly how to make your DIY Valentine’s Calligraphy Card in my tutorial video (or keep scrolling if you prefer a printable step-by-step photo tutorial):

How to Make an Easy DIY Valentine’s Hand-Lettered Card Video Tutorial

You can find more video tutorials on our YouTube channel

DIY Valentine’s Card Step-by-Step Tutorial

Supplies you need to make this Valentine’s Card

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Step 1: Draw a heart shape inside the card

I’m using the design from my Valentine’s Lettering Workbook to trace over the heart shape and transfer it to my card.

Unique Valentine's day card design

Take a peak at the workbook here:

Step 2: Start drawing the floral doodles around the heart shape.

Use the design in Step 1 as inspiration to draw the floral doodles around the heart shape using your white Gelly Roll pen 08.

creative handmade Valentine's day card tutorial

Step 3: Sketch your sentiment inside the card

Once you’re done with the floral doodles around the card, sketch your lettering inside the shape. This is so you make sure the love-inspired phrase will fit inside the heart shape.

easy to draw floral doodles for a diy card

Step 4: Hand Lettered your sentiment inside the heart.

I’m using my style of modern calligraphy combined with block lettering to letter “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Check this blog post to learn modern calligraphy, or grab my block lettering workbook using brush pens.

handmade love card tutorial

For the “Valentine’s” hand lettering, I used the pink Pentel Fude Brush Pen. I wanted this handmade card to pop even more, so I wrote the rest of the Valentine’s sentiment with the black Tombow Fudenosuke – Hard Tip.

Step 5: [Optional] Add details to the lettering.

If you want your lettering to pop even more, add line shadows using the same white gel pen.

That’s it!

You made a beautiful and heartfelt DIY card you can use for Valentine’s Day. Swap the message inside and give it to a loved one on a special occasion to show your love for them!

Cute DIY card ideas for Valentine's day

Want the card template to create this DIY card and many others for Valentine’s Day, grab my Workbook here.

easy and cute valentine's day cards

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Happy DIY card-making!


Valentine's DIY Card step-by-step tutorial

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