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I’m a wife to an amazing husband and mom to the prettiest tiny human! I know I’m biased on this one, but what can I say? I’m blessed to be her mom. I’m also a calligrapher, a lettering artist, and most importantly a perfectly imperfect child of God.

I’m mostly known for my love for beautiful writing, aka, doing calligraphy. I started learning calligraphy back in 2015 while planning my wedding because I wanted to address my wedding envelopes. It was literally love-at-first-sight! I became obsessed with it. Since then, I’ve learned everything I can about this beautiful art of calligraphy, from teaching myself to learning from the best in the field.


I’m SO thrilled you found yourself in this little corner of the internet reserved for Vial Designs. So THANK YOU for being here!

My goal is to show you simple and practical ways you can learn calligraphy and start awakening your creative side. I’ve found that so many women struggle with feeling like they are not artistic enough. Or that they don’t have enough time to learn a new hobby. Which is why I want to help you get inspired to create art you never thought was possible.

I hope The Vial Designs Blog feels like your crafty friend who shows you all the cool calligraphy and DIY tips so you can create projects that make people go “Wow!”. Please think of me as your go-to source for calligraphy projects, weekend lettering tutorials, and gorgeous home decor DIY that reflects your style! 

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Maira Vial About Page


In here, you’ll find step-by-step tutorials where I show you how to create your own version of something that’s entirely within your ability to make.

I’ll also be your cheerleader through your learning journey. Believe me, you will need one somewhere along the way. We are our biggest critics and too often forget to give ourselves the credit we deserve and the grace we need to keep going. 

So please, pretty please, lose the pressure to be perfect because creativity and art are meant to be unique. 

I really want to hear from you! Find me on Instagram and say “hi”, come over to Facebook and leave a comment, or leave a reply on a blog post here. Send me photos of the creations you have completed from my blog. Tag me on social media so I can see your beautiful work.


Last, but definitely not least, please subscribe to my newsletter. In my quest to help you on your creative journey, I’ll be creating calligraphy worksheets, lettering downloads, and printables you’ll only find through my private resource library and email list. The link to the FREE resource library is at the bottom of this page. 

I think you’ll really enjoy my blog and I’d love for you to take a look through the links below. 

This is where I keep all my FREE calligraphy worksheets, lettering downloads, and printables. My library is open exclusively to Vial Designs Insiders.