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5 Creative Ways To Letter February

Whether you’re a seasoned hand lettering artist or a beginner, these five creative ways to hand letter “February” will add a touch of flair and inspiration to your bullet journal and planning routine.

See exactly how to create these fun “February” Lettering header ideas for your bullet journal in my tutorial video (or keep scrolling if you prefer a photo step-by-step photo tutorial):

See the full step-by-step “5 Creative Ways to Letter February” video tutorial

You can find more video tutorials on my YouTube channel at Vial Designs TV

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February, is the month of love, chilly winds, and a fresh start to the new year.

As we dive deeper into the calendar, it’s time to infuse our bullet journals and planners with creativity that mirrors the charm and character of this unique month.

What better way to do this than through hand lettering?

Let’s go over these different unique hand-lettering styles.


how to do block lettering with crayola markers

For this block lettering hand lettering style, I’m using Crayola Supertips.

First, sketch the lettering using a pencil. Then slightly erase using a kneaded eraser. I like doing this because sometimes the pencil marks won’t erase properly once you go over them with markers.

After you’re done with the block lettering, add an outline with a Monoline pen.

To make the lettering pop even more, add shadows to the right and slightly underneath every part of the outline using a gray pen. I’m using the Tombow Fudenosuke.

Wanna learn more about adding shadows to your lettering? Grab this workbook for beginners.


block lettering with tombow brush pens

For this chunky – bubble style of lettering, start by sketching February in a block lettering style. Then add outlines to each letter.

I like my bubble letters to mix and be supclosesed to each other. If you prefer them to be more spaced out, be sure to leave more space between each letter.

Once you’re done sketching the lettering, go over it with a monoline pen.

I’m coloring each lettering with these 3 colors – interchanging each color.

Tombow Dual Brush Mauve 817, Blush 772, and Pink 723.

After you’re done coloring the letters, go over them again with a monoline pen. This time make sure the outline is imperfect and add zigzag lines to some parts of the letters.


bullet journal lettering and doodling ideas

For this February header idea, doodle an open envelope. Then doodle 8 hearts coming out of the envelope.

I colored the inner part of the envelope with a Tombow Dual Brush pen Mist Purple 553, thouter partrt of the envelope with a Tombow Violet 673, and the hearts with a pink Pentel Fude Touch Brush Pen.

Inside each heart, I wrote each letter spelling February with a monoline pen.


header lettering ideas for bullet journal

For this banner doodle February header idea, start by drawing a banner.

If you want more banner doodle ideas, check out this blog post.

Then, write “February” using your modern calligraphy or block lettering style.

This is the perfect workbook for you if you want to learn how to confidently create beautiful block lettering using a regular pen:



coquete aesthetic lettering style

Last, but not least, is the coquette aesthetic lettering style.

Start by doing bounce lettering using a base marker. I’m using the Tombow Dual Brush pen carnation 761.

Then we’re going to create a ribbon-style lettering by coloring the upstrokes of each lettering. I’m using a hot pink Pentel Fude Touch brush pen.

To give the lettering more dimension, I used the light Pentel Fude Touch brush pens to go over the upper and bottom parts of the base lettering. Then, I went over the inner parts of the upstrokes with a Kelly Creates hot pink, which is a darker shade of pink than the Pentel Touch Brush pen.

Which of these styles is your favorite?

If you want more February lettering ideas, but with fewer brush pens and doodles, check out this blog post.

If you want to practice your bullet journal lettering for every month of the year, grab my “5 Ways to Letter the Months of the Year Workbook” from the shop.

Final Thoughts

As we embark on the journey through February, let your creativity flow freely with these five inspiring ways to handwrite the month.

Want to start gathering ideas for next month? Make sure you check my creative lettering ideas for the March tutorial here.

Whether you’re journaling about your daily adventures, planning upcoming events, or simply expressing your thoughts and feelings, incorporating these creative techniques will infuse your pages with beauty and personality.

So grab your pens, unleash your imagination, and let your hand-lettered “February” spread become a reflection of this time of year.

easy and creative header ideas for february

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